The Worlds' Premium Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters And Beveling Machines Now Available In U.A.E.

BDS Maschinen GmbH is one of the worlds' leading manufacturer of Magnetic Drilling Machines which has in its product range more than 3o types of magnetic drilling machines used for core drilling, twist drilling, tapping, reaming and countersink which are now available in U.A.E. BDS also manufacturers Annular Cutters with one of the Europes' biggest production factory to manufacture excellent quality annular cutters which are now available in UAE. BDS is also excelling in automatic plate beveling machine, manual feed plate beveling machine, deburring and chamfering machines. Simply Better Drilling, now in UAE.

magnetic drilling machine MABasic 200 (7)

source link MABasic 200 - Lightweight magnetic drilling machine. Made in Germany with 12 months warranty.

buy modafinil switzerland 32 mm diameter drilling and 55 mm cutting depth.
magnetic base drilling machine uae

cheap Deltasone uk MAB 465 - Robust magnetic drilling tapping machine. Equipped with reversible motor & overheat protection.

50 mm diameter drilling, 55 mm cutting depth and M16 Tapping.
Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine MAB 525 (6)

buy metoclopramide hydrochloride MAB 525 - Versatile magnetic drilling cum tapping machine. The most popular drilling capacity machine with Morse Taper 3.

50 mm diameter drilling and M20 tapping. 
MAB 825 magnetic drill dubai

MAB 825 - Heavy duty magnetic drill with all sensors and indicators. The best choice for serious fabrication workers worldwide.

100 mm diameter X 110 mm depth drilling and M30 tapping.
mag drill dubai

MAB 1300 - Worlds' most powerful magnetic base drilling machine with reversible motor and power assist feed. Equipped with Morse Taper 4.

130 mm diameter drilling, 110 mm cutting depth and M42 tapping.
AutoMAB 350 magnetic drill in uae

Four new models of Automatic Mag Drill now available in UAE. All made in Germany automatic mag drills for UAE.

Available in capacities of 35 mm, 45 mm, 100 mm and 130 mm diameter automatic drilling.

Annular Cutters in U.A.E.

hss annular cutters dubai

The Made in Germany HSS Standard Annular Cutters in UAE are fully ground annular cutters made from high-speed steel on CNC-controlled grinding centres, with good chip flow, drilling with little effort. Available in gapless range of diameter and cutting depths.

tct annular cutters dubai

The BDS TCT Annular Cutters have become a successful range of tools worldwide. Tungsten Carbide annular cutters are manufactured as standard with cutting depths of 30 mm, 55 mm, 75 mm and 110 mm, with diameters of 14 mm to 150 mm.

Bevelling Machines in U.A.E.


SKF 25 - Portable Beveling Machine

The best choice for beveling short and long plates. The SKF 25 is equipped with milling cutters which results in perfect and smooth bevel.

automatic beveling machine uae

AutoCUT 500 - Automatic Beveling Machine

A perfect choice for steel fabricators in UAE. A fully automatic beveling independent of plate length. Runs directly on the plate no need for rails.

chamfering machine uae

EKF Series - Chamfering Machines

Lightweight portable chamfering machine for small and long plates to chamfer 30°, 45° or Radius 2.5 mm. The best alternative to angle grinders in UAE.

Dubai magnetic drilling machine team

Our expert team of engineers in u.a.e.

Launching Our New, Young and Dynamic BDS Dubai Sales Team for U.A.E. The Team Comprises Of 8 Mechanical Engineers For Techno-Commercial Sales & Solutions. Also, 2 Dedicated Engineers For After Sales Services. Huge Ready Stock Of Magnetic Drilling Machines, Annular Cutters and Beveling Machines Now Available In U.A.E.

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